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  Tue 21st, May 2019
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ElBaradei to focus on Israel's nuclear weapons
Chris McGreal - The Guardian - Wed 7th, July 2004
The head of the United Nations nuclear watchdog, Mohamed ElBaradei, arrives in Israel today to urge the government to begin talks about ridding the Middle East of nuclear arms, whether or not it finally admits to manufacturing weapons of mass destruction.

Israel has no intention of acknowledging that it has nuclear weapons, or of opening its reactors to international inspection. But the visit of the International Atomic Energy Agency chief comes as Israel is increasingly sensitive to pressure for it to be subject to the same standards of international accountability demanded of other countries in the Middle East.

The release from prison of the nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu sharpened the focus on Israel's arsenal.

For several months now Dr ElBaradei has publicly prodded the Israelis toward discussions on a nuclear weapons-free Middle East.

"I believe in the importance of holding a dialogue on the subject and I don't see a reason why Israel isn't ready to at least start the discussion," he told the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz in December.

"My fear is that without such a dialogue there will continue to be incentives for the countries of the region to develop weapons of mass destruction to match the Israeli arsenal."

Israel maintains a policy of what it calls "nuclear ambiguity". It argues that neither confirming nor denying it has such weapons helps deter its enemies. The US Central Intelligence Agency estimates that Israel has between 200 and 400 nuclear warheads, making it the world's fifth largest nuclear power.

Israel's refusal to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty has prompted 13 votes by the UN general assembly since 1987 calling on it do so. The US has blocked any move to take the issue to the security council.

Pressure on Israel to declare that it has the weapons and agree to international oversight has increased with the fall of Saddam Hussein, Libya's declared intention to rid itself of weapons of mass destruction, and Iran's agreement to let UN inspectors conduct surprise inspections of its nuclear facilities.

Iran has said Israel should also be pressed over the issue.

Israeli officials have acknowledged the growing international sentiment by arguing that weapons of mass destruction are not necessarily a threat if they are in the hands of democratic and responsible governments. They also point to Iran's stalling over international monitoring of its nuclear facilities as evidence that the threat to Israel remains.

But Dr ElBaradei has questioned the assumption that nuclear weapons have made Israel more secure.

Gerald Steinberg, of the Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs, said there was little chance of a change in Israel's policy. "The topic is not on the agenda," he said.

Israel's atomic energy commission this week lifted the veil of secrecy around the country's two reactors at Dimona and Nahal Sorek by launching a website with pictures of the facilities. But there are few details.

Last week the government said it intended to distribute pills to people living within 19 miles (30km) of the reactors to be taken in the event of a radiation leak, a move that unsettled Dimona residents, who say that for 35 years they have been told the reactor is safe.
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